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-49%KIT KAT Dark 41.5g (EXP. DATE 08/2024)
-50%KIT KAT Vegan 41.5g (EXP. DATE 07/2024)
-49%NESTLE Lion bar 41g – peanut (EXP. DATE 2024)
-50%NESTLE NESQUIK cereals choco balls 375g
-20%BDL Organic Crispy Bran Flakes 250g
-20%BDL Organic Crispy Bran sticks 300g
-20%BDL Organic Crispy Cereal Flakes with Quinoa 250g
-20%BDL Organic Crispy Corn Flakes 250g
-15%cheese PRESIDENT goat 113g
-15%cream cheese PRESIDENT Brie 125g
-15%cream cheese PRESIDENT Cheddar 125g
-15%cream cheese SOIGNON goat 150g
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