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-20%AGRIFARM Crunchy Legumes Bar 40g – Greek Herbs and Oregano
-20%AGRIFARM Crunchy Legumes Bar 40g – Grilled Vegetables & Thyme
-20%AGRIFARM Crunchy Legumes Bar 40g – Mediterranean with Tomato & Olive
-20%INSTABAR Apricot Cashew Bar 35g
-20%INSTABAR Cranberry Almond 35g
-20%INSTABAR Pistachio Cranberry Bar 35g
-20%INSTABAR Raisin Hazelnut Bar 35g
-20%PAPADOPOULOS Digestive bar with almonds, hazelnuts & honey 5x28g (€0.60 LESS)
-20%PAPADOPOULOS Digestive bar with milk chocolate 5x28g (€0.30 LESS)
-20%PAPADOPOULOS Digestive bar with peanuts, peanut butter & milk chocolate 5x28g (€0.60 LESS)
-30%CORNY bar Milk 4X30g – Classic
-30%CORNY bar Milk 4X30g – Dark & White
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