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The Cheap Basket Ltd has been offering grocery delivery services since 1968. The business was established in Ermou street, in the centre of Larnaka, in 1968 by a young man and his father-in-law.

Delivering groceries to people’s houses was the market niche of the business. They delivered groceries all over the town in the basket on the front of a bicycle.

The business was later solely run by the young man until his son and son-in-law joined the business after having completed their studies in the United States. The Cheap Basket Ltd expanded by building a new supermarket in the Vergina area in Larnaka.

After 47 years of experience and careful observation of their customers’ requests and having their customers’ best interest in mind, The Cheap Basket Ltd decided to concentrate on home delivery. As a result, today they have five vans making deliveries to all town districts in Cyprus except of the Paphos and Troodos areas. They carry about 6,000 items in stock and receive orders on the internet, by fax and telephone.

The Cheap Basket’s Mission is to be Cyprus leading and most preferred provider of interactive grocery shopping services and to keep its customers satisfied and stress-free.

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